Did arianny celeste dating roger huerta

Arianny got into trouble after allegedly kicking her boyfriend in the head, and generally beating the tar out of him at a vegas resort.

Are arianny celeste and roger huerta dating

Arianny Selects...Roger Huerta

Are they dating? When is he fighting next? Is there beef with KenFlo?

As a ring girl for the ufc must have had an effect on model, arianny celeste!

Did arianny celeste dating roger huerta

Arianny Celeste Before Implants and Dating Roger Huerta

http://www.ChaelSonnenVideo.com - Rumor on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter was she did Roger Huerta. ANyway here is a ...

Is roger huerta dating arianny celeste

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File this one under, "Duhhhh" ... but Travis Barker says dating smoking hot UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is "awesome.

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UFC's hottest ring girl Arianny Celeste is no player hater ... she's an appreciator ... and she's giving mad props to one UFC fighter ...

Travis Barker Dating UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste

Travis Barker has kind of decided to enter the UFC because he's reportedly dating the league's most famous ring girl, Arianny ...

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Chris Weidman and Carlos Condit are the HOTTEST fighters in the UFC ... according to 2 of the UFC's smokin' hot Octagon girls.

Arianny Celeste Talks Playboy, UFC Start, Future Plans

Dave Farra of MMA:30 sits down with the beautiful and talented Arianny Celeste for an exclusive one on one interview. Farra and ...